How to find allergy relief fast

How to find allergy relief fast

Springtime brings warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and — for many people — allergies. If you’re one of them, you need relief. Help is here.

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It can be tough to enjoy the beauty of spring through itchy, irritated eyes and between sneezing fits. If allergies are putting a damper on your season, use these tips to help you breathe better. Plus, learn how to find an allergy specialist for stubborn symptoms that won’t let up.

Make sure it’s allergies

Cold, flu and COVID-19 symptoms can look a lot like spring allergies. To rule out these and other illnesses, talk with your primary care provider (PCP).

Find your triggers

Your PCP can also help you find what’s activating your allergies through simple skin pricks or blood tests. Knowing helps you track and prep for when your symptoms are the worst.

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Plan ahead

Try to avoid going outside at the time of day when your symptoms are the worst. Windy days also blow allergens (substances that cause an allergic reaction such as pollen, dust and pet dander) around (and up your nose) more than usual. Watch the weather reports and plan indoor activities as needed. If you do go outside, wearing a mask might be helpful.

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Clear the indoors

Allergens can sneak into your home through windows, on your skin and clothes and even on your pet’s fur. Breathe better in your home by closing your windows and washing any clothing you’ve worn outside. Shower after you’ve been outdoors. And wipe off your pet with a damp rag when they come in from outside.

Lean on OTC remedies

Over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines (drugs that treat allergies) help ease sneezing and itching. And nasal sprays can loosen up congestion. Your doctor may also suggest an allergy shot. Whatever medication you and your doctor end up choosing, aim to take it early to stop symptoms in their tracks.

See an allergy specialist

If you suffer from allergies, you might benefit from seeing an allergist/immunologist. Here’s how you can find an allergy specialist to help you manage your symptoms:

  • Talk to your PCP. They can help you determine if you might benefit from seeing an allergist/immunologist. They can also refer you to a specialist. Check your plan Evidence of Coverage (EOC) to see if a referral is required.

  • Go to and enter your zip code. (If you’re not already logged in to your secure member website, click the “Log in to find a doctor” button to log in or register.) Then type “allergist” into the search bar to see a list of in-network allergists near you.

    When you see one you want to explore, click the name of the provider or their facility. You’ll go to a page where you can learn about the physician’s experience and read ratings and reviews. You can also find out if they are accepting new patients by clicking on the purple bar labeled "Plan and Network Information.”

  • For help finding an in-network allergist, call Member Services at 1-833-570-6670 (TTY: 711). We’re available between 8 AM and 8 PM local time, seven days a week.

Once you choose an allergist, call for an appointment and tell them you have an Aetna® Medicare Advantage plan to confirm they accept it. Visit your secure member website at to learn more about your individual benefits and coverage.

Have a health question that can’t wait for your next checkup? Call the 24/7 nurse line at 1-800-556-1555 (TTY: 711) to speak with a registered nurse.

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