Boost your memory

Boost your memory

Forgetfulness can be a typical part of aging, or a sign of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Try these tips for staying sharp well into your golden years.

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You swear you put your keys on the table near the front door. Or maybe it was in your coat pocket or junk drawer. But they aren’t there. And you don’t know where else they could be. Sound familiar?

Memory blips like these are often just a normal part of aging. But you can strengthen your memory by challenging it every day. Here are four fun ways you can boost your brain power.

1. Do jigsaw puzzles

Solving puzzles regularly can help keep your mind sharp. Research shows that working on jigsaw puzzles can, over time, improve a whole host of cognitive skills, including mental speed, flexibility, reasoning and memory.*

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2. Stay social

Join a book club, go to local events, or spend time with friends or family. Having conversations and positive interactions with others, especially those you can rely on for emotional support, can help boost brain health.*

3. Get creative

Try painting, drawing or coloring in an adult coloring book. Making art can help keep your brain functioning well. And bonus: Getting creative can also help you feel happier.*

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4. Quiz yourself

Think of a few personal questions. Then spend a few minutes trying to come up with the answers. A few examples you can try:

  • What’s your childhood phone number?
  • When are your grandchildren’s or loved ones’ birthdays?
  • How many actors can you name from your favorite movie?
  • What are the lyrics to a hit song from your high school years?

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*FOR PUZZLES AND MEMORY SOURCE: Fissler P, Küster OC, Laptinskaya D, et al. Jigsaw puzzling taps multiple cognitive abilities and is a potential protective factor for cognitive aging. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. October 1, 2018. Accessed May 9, 2024.

*FOR SOCIAL SUPPORT AND BRAIN HEALTH SOURCE: Costa-Cordella S, Arevalo-Romero C, Parada F, et al. Social support and cognition: a systematic review. Frontiers in Psychology. February 23, 2021. Accessed May 9, 2024.

*FOR CREATIVITY AND MOOD BOOST SOURCE: Galassi F, Merizzi A, D’Amen B, et al. Creativity and art therapies to promote healthy aging: a scoping review. Frontiers in Psychology. September 26, 2022. Accessed May 9, 2024.

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