Book these key exams today

Book these key exams today

Yearly exams are key to stopping health problems in their tracks — or catching issues early. Here are the four annual exams that you shouldn’t let fall through the cracks or put off scheduling.

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Annual checkup

An annual checkup gives you time to talk with your primary care provider (PCP) about ways to stay healthy and injury-free. During this visit, you and your doctor will talk about and update your personalized prevention plan — to help keep you healthy all year long.  

During an annual checkup, your PCP will review your medications and make sure you’re up to date on screenings such as colonoscopies or mammograms. Your PCP can also help you identify and plan for any vaccines you may need.

Eye exam

Yearly eye exams help make sure your vision is in good shape. Poor eyesight is a health hazard, putting you at risk for falls and other injuries. An eye doctor can update any prescription for glasses or contacts. They’ll also be on the lookout for eye issues like glaucoma (a condition that can cause blindness) or cataracts.

Regular eye exams are especially important if you have diabetes. That’s because diabetes raises your risk of eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, cataracts and glaucoma. 

You get one routine eye exam a year, but can see a medical eye doctor as needed. If you have an HMO plan, you need to see a provider who is in network. 

Dental checkup

Your chances of cavities, gum disease and tooth loss go up as you age. Visiting your dentist once a year can help stop these issues from happening. Your Aetna Medicare Advantage plan covers preventive dental services such as routine dental exams, cleanings and dental X-rays. 

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Hearing exam 

Straining to hear what friends and family members are saying? Loss of hearing can lead to falls, trouble focusing and feelings of isolation. It’s also a risk factor for dementia. Getting your ears checked every year is important for avoiding these problems. 

Have a health question that can’t wait for your next checkup?

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Make sure your visits are covered 

Your Aetna Medicare Advantage plan covers an annual checkup after a year of membership. To learn more about your vision, dental and hearing exam coverage, visit your plan web page. Once you’re there:

1. Go to the “Your Plan Documents” section of the page.

2. Under “Evidence of Coverage,” click on “Evidence of Coverage (EOC).” This will take you to your EOC documents. 

3. Scroll down to Chapter 4, Section 2, called “Medical Benefits Chart (what is covered and what you pay).” A large portion of this chart is focused on “Services Covered for You.” There you can learn about your coverage for key exams in the sections of the chart labeled: 

  • Annual checkup (May be listed as “Annual Wellness Visit”) 
  • Dental services (additional) 
  • Hearing services
  • Vision care

Get anytime access to your plan web page

You can access your plan web page at any time by using your smartphone or tablet camera to scan the QR code on your member ID card. You’ll go directly to your plan web page, where you can see your plan information and benefits, check your coverage, watch a helpful video and more. 

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