Cool off and get fit with water moves

Cool off and get fit with water moves

Try fun, low-impact exercise this summer that can help improve balance, ease joint pain and more.

Three people exercising in a pool

Beat the heat this summer — and stay active — by exercising in the water. Water exercises can improve muscle strength. And many people with back problems or joint pain find they can exercise longer in the water.

Research also shows that exercising in the water – whether walking, swimming laps or doing aerobics – can help with weight loss, boost mood and improve brain health.* Here are a few water workouts to try. If you don’t live near a pool, you can try moves like jumping jacks, walking laps and stretching outside of the water.

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1. Water aerobics

Water aerobics is easier on your joints, compared to working out on the hard ground. And it can help you improve your balance. See if your local community center has group water aerobics classes.

Or make up your own fitness routine to try in waist-high water. Mix leg kicks, squats, lunges and jumping jacks. You can also try these moves outside of the water. But remember to check with your provider before starting new exercises.

2. Do laps around the pool

Swimming is great for improving heart health, lowering blood pressure and even reducing stress. Pick your favorite swim stroke, such as freestyle or breaststroke, and swim a few laps around the pool.

Not in the mood for swimming? Walk or jog laps around the shallow end of the water. Either way, water moves are great for your muscles and bones.* Or try a brisk walk around the block or park if a pool isn’t nearby.

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3. Stretching

Water exercises don’t have to be hard, heart-pumping workouts. They’re also great for focusing on flexibility. Head to the shallow end of the pool and try simple stretches. Get your joints and muscles moving by lifting your arms above your head, bending your knees and stretching out your back. If you don’t live near a pool, you can practice stretches from the comfort of home.

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*FOR THE BENEFITS OF WATER EXERCISE FOR MUSCLES AND BONES SOURCE: Harvard Health Publishing. Simplify your workout with lap swimming. July 1, 2019. Accessed June 21, 2024.

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