Get to know the diabetic supplies covered in your plan

Get to know the diabetic supplies covered in your plan

These tools can help you manage your diabetes to improve your well-being

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Being diagnosed with diabetes is hard, especially if you don’t know anyone else who is living with it.1 It may feel like your life has changed in an instant. And you may not know the questions you should ask or the options available to you.

But there’s good news: There are options for you to manage your diabetes through your Aetna® Medicare Advantage plan, so you can find what works best for you. Certain diabetic supplies to monitor your glucose (blood sugar) levels are covered through your plan. And technology for diabetes has come a long way. Devices to measure and monitor glucose are easier and more pleasant to use than they used to be.

What does your Aetna® plan provide when you have diabetes?

Certain diabetic supplies and devices are covered under different parts of your Aetna plan.

The medical insurance part of your plan covers:*

Diabetic supplies:

  • Supplies by OneTouch, the exclusive diabetic supply maker for Aetna Medicare. These include test strips, glucose meters, solutions and lancets. See below for more information about OneTouch®.
  • Therapeutic shoes and inserts.
  • Most insulin used in a Medicare-covered insulin pump.
  • Insulin pumps (covered up to 20 percent)

Durable medical equipment (DME) and related supplies:

  • Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and supplies, including FreeStyle Libre, Dexcom and Medtronic iPro® are covered up to 20%
  • Some insulin pumps and supplies

For a list of suppliers, go to:
DME National Provider Listing (PDF)

The prescription drug part of your Aetna Medicare Advantage plan covers these diabetic supplies:

  • Alcohol swabs and 2x2 gauze
  • Insulin needles, insulin pen needle and insulin syringes (when used for injecting insulin)

Check the Medical Benefits Chart in your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) at for details on coverage for diabetic supplies.

*Some items may require prior authorization (approval beforehand) from your medical benefit.

Take advantage of digital tools

There are digital tools that can help you manage your diabetes. “These tools are easy enough for anyone to use," says Gary Scheiner, a certified diabetes care and education specialist. “They can be really helpful for keeping your blood glucose levels in check, which can be harder to manage as you get older. And while they can’t take the place of your medical team, they can be helpful between appointments.”

These digital tools include:

  • Blood glucose meters (BGMs). BGMs measure and display the glucose level in your blood at a single moment in time. To use most BGMs, you first insert a test strip into the device. Then with a special needle, you poke a clean fingertip to get a drop of blood. You carefully touch the test strip to the blood. Then you wait for a blood glucose reading to appear on the screen.
  • Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). A CGM works through a tiny sensor inserted under your skin. It measures your glucose levels 24 hours a day when you are wearing the device. CGMs provide real-time glucose readings throughout the day and night. They let you know when your levels get too high or too low.
  • Combo CGM-insulin pump. If you need an insulin pump, the newest versions of CGM-insulin pumps can get your glucose data from your CGM sensor and use it to automatically adjust your insulin. (You’ll still need to administer insulin for meals.)

Did you know that Aetna MAPD plans provide the OneTouch Verio Reflect® Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) at no extra cost?

The OneTouch Verio Reflect from LifeScan helps make tracking your blood sugar simpler and more comfortable.

This BGM helps you understand the impact of food, activity and medication on your blood glucose readings. You can use this information to make adjustments to help manage your diabetes. Members can order a new meter each year. Upgrading to a new OneTouch Verio Reflect meter has a $0 copay. To find out if you’re eligible for an upgrade, call Member Services at 1-833-570-6670 (TTY: 711) between 8 AM and 8 PM, seven days a week.

The OneTouch Reveal® app with ColorSure® technology automatically organizes your blood sugar results in color-coded tools. These tools link with your logged food, insulin and activity. The mobile app automatically notifies you of repeated highs or lows, so you can take action to avoid them in the future.

The OneTouch Reveal® app can help you manage your blood sugar. Download this free app to your smartphone using the Google PlayTM store for AndroidTM, or the App Store® for iPhone®.

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Have you visited your plan web page?

It has details about your personal coverage and how to make the most of your plan. You can find the website on your Aetna Member ID card.

It’s easy to switch to OneTouch products

OneTouch blood glucose meters are available from:

  • OneTouch, without a prescription. You can visit or call 1-877-764-5390 (TTY: 711) and use order code 123AET200.
  • Local pharmacies, with a prescription. At in-network pharmacies, you have a $0 copay.

    OneTouch test strips are available at pharmacies with a prescription. If the pharmacy is in network, or if you get OneTouch test strips through the CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy, you have a $0 copay.

Can I get diabetes supplies made by other manufacturers?

If you need diabetes supplies not made by OneTouch, you must show medical necessity (for example, sight impairment requiring a talking meter) for us to cover them. This will require getting a prior authorization — approval beforehand — from your plan.

With proven medical necessity, you’ll pay up to 20 percent of the total cost for non-OneTouch diabetes supplies. Without it, you’ll pay the total cost for non-OneTouch diabetes supplies.

Don’t forget about quantity limits

Diabetes supplies covered under your plan have quantity limits, as shown below. If you need higher quantities, you must get prior authorization from us.

  • Meters — 1 meter per calendar year
  • Test strips — 100 strips per 30 days

We’re here for you

Have questions or need help to access devices and supplies that monitor your blood glucose? Call us at 1-833-570-6670 (TTY: 711). We’ll be happy to help you. You can also search on for “Diabetic Supplies and Equipment.”

For a listing of diabetes medicines we cover, go to to check your formulary (drug list).

1American Diabetes Association. 1.5 million people will be diagnosed with diabetes this year. Accessed April 29, 2022.

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