5 questions to ask during an ear exam 

5 questions to ask during an ear exam 

Hearing tests are essential for keeping you healthy and socially connected. Here’s how to make the most of your exam.

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Annual hearing exams can spot problems and offer solutions that can improve your quality of life. To make the most of your visit, it helps to have questions prepared. Here are a few, plus some information to get you started.

How can I keep my ears and hearing healthy?

Avoid sticking anything in your ear such as your finger or a cotton swab. This can damage your ear canal or ear drum. If you need to clean your ears, use a damp wash cloth. For wax build-up, try over-the-counter ear drops. Also, steer clear of loud noises. Turn down the volume when you use headphones. And wear ear plugs to block out loud sounds, such as lawn mowers, fireworks or blaring music at a live event.

Will my hearing get worse?

After an audiologist—a healthcare professional who specializes in hearing and ear health—checks your hearing, they will determine your level of hearing loss. It may be mild, moderate, severe or profound. Sometimes it can be reversed or restored. Your doctor may also be able to stop your hearing from getting worse by giving you tips on how to safeguard your hearing — including getting hearing aids.

How do hearing aids work?

All hearing aids contain a microphone, an amplifier, a speaker (called a receiver) and a battery. They help you hear better by amplifying the sounds around you. But they don’t bring your hearing back to normal. The more you wear a hearing aid, the more your brain and ears will become used to the new way of hearing.

Which hearing aid is best for me?

Your level of hearing loss will play a role in which type of hearing aid you need. There are many types to suit your needs, lifestyle and ear shape. Also, think about factors such as device visibility and battery styles. You may need to try a few hearing aids to find the right fit. Your audiologist can often lend you different styles until you find the one that works best for you.

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How often should I make a hearing exam appointment?

Once a year is usually best. But ask your doctor what’s right for you. And call your doctor right away if you have any sudden hearing loss or ear pain.

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